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Raindrops on my window
tracing your lows with warmth,
the clouds are flakes of cotton
like a pillow of feathers under sun rays.
it is a swirl of nights and days, that paints nature in a contrast,
the intricacies so beautiful, scattered across the sky spread vast.
The art of nature is uncountable, unlike our twos and threes,
so step outside in a garden, and seek your count that speaks 'free'.

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Question- What to do if I want to publish my english poems?

Bag your title of an author

Bag your title of an author

This article revolves around explaining the process of publishing your work for the world to review your perspective of life among various other things.
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Questions to be answered-
1. How to read books daily in life and how to make it interesting?
2. Summary of the poem save nature save wildlife by Tania Ghose
3. What are some new elements which should be investigated in modern Indian English poetry?
4. Why it's important to study the background of Indian English poetry?
5. Reading is poorest in which country?
You can choose to answer any question by writing an article for the same. Once that is done, let me know!

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Writing is an art that has been employed as a tool of escape more than often. It is the fulfilment of adding life to worlds that do not exist off paper.
This beautiful art has taken under its blanket innumerable people who vest their trust in the tip of the pen.
Keeping this in mind, the group is a support space for budding writers, who can utilize their experiences to aid others establishing their hand at writing.
I will be updating the page with a few questions every day. You can post the answers.The link of your answer will be attached to the question.


The group is a space for artists to display their worded masterpieces, and take the time out to answer questions asked under the same topic.