Features of the Award Winning Deans Marine Line of Model Boat Kits

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The blog includes a detailed amount of information on the Deans Marine line of products and the varied factors that make it diverse and an excellent choice for customer purchase.

Deans Marine was launched in 1981 by Ron Dean who had a love for model boat kits that were radio-controlled. His dream started as a part-time business that was eventually converted into a full-time model. The idea was to design kits that promoted radio-controlled models of the historic ships that signify an important event in the history of mankind. The company has received several awards for the exceptional quality and design that is included in each of the models. As the company and the models started winning numerous awards, Rob Dean gained a higher amount of confidence to design more models that would interest the general public and this started the long line of products that were launched by the organization over time.

Some of the leading names of the popular model boat kits that are launched by Dean Marine are enlisted as follows:

  • Anna Marie Heavy Lift Ship - RC Ready
  • Blackhrome Couplings
  • Christiaan Bruning - Deans Marine Ship Kit
  • City of Ely
  • Dufresne
  • Empire Susan
  • Grampian Pride
  • Helen Steam Launch
  • HMCC Badger
  • HMS Bronnington RC Ready
  • HMS Bulldog
  • HMS Skirmsher - RC Ready

The models by the company are primarily radio controlled and include precision and style. The company has made excellent investments in making sure that the designs are a good reflection of the original ships and give a distinct image of the real ships. For every customer who wishes to promote or invest in their hobby of ship building and also want to see it working, Deans Marine is the ideal company to pick the designs from.


Deans Marine range of products has a vast number of models for a customer to check out and bring out the perfection for the builders to achieve over the course of time. The diverse array of products by Deans Marine have received exceptional feedback and reviews by customers in the number of years that it was launched. Ages of Sail brings over 10 compact kits and several other fittings that help in the completion of the kits in the best possible way.


The Deans Marine range of products are very easy to compile when compared to other types of brands and products. There are products made available in different price ranges for the customers to easily pick from. Further, Deans Marine model boat kits come along with manuals and instructions that can be followed by the customers with much ease. It helps in making sure that the parts fit properly and there are no confusions during the building process. The ship kits are also included with additional fittings and parts that can be added in case the need arises and the old ones break in one way or the other. Apart from the afore-mentioned products, there are several other notable names that can be checked out and compared with other manufacturers in the line of products. Ages of Sail is proud to present the products that are offered by Deans Marine. The experts offer insight and recommendations that can be easily promoted.