Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive compulsive disorder is a type of behavioral and psychological disorder, which is one of the common disorder nowadays.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive compulsive disorder is an anxiety disorder, which affects the normal day to day life of an individual. The person dealing with such condition face a lot of depression and miseries. Also this condition is incurable and is chronic, that means a life long disorder. So the patient can't totally get rud of this but its symptoms can be controlled.



One of the common disorder, both males and females are equally affected with this. Around one million cases of this disorder are reported per year, only in India. It is very common in the developing countries. 



According to resources, it is caused due to some biological and neurological factors. However nothing is cleared properly, but it is estimated that due to suppression of some neurotransmitters in brain, it is caused. 


There are a lot of signs that are generally observed in a patient suffering with this disorder. Few of them are as given below:-


1.Obsession:- Obsession is one of the most common symptom. In this the patient have constant negative and annoying thoughts. These thoughts sometimes develop very much, that it is really hard for a family member or friends to control him/her. Doctors often says that Leaving such person alone is very dangerous, he/she may even try to harm his/her life.

2. Compulsion:-  Compulsion is also reported in many cases. The affected individual repeats the activity over and over, like washing hands again and again, checking the door lock or arranging things in proper way. 

3. Depression:- Depression is another most reported symptom. It is caused due to obsession and continuous negative thoughts. They develop a mindset that anything is wrong or anything bad is going to happen.

4. Fear and Anxiety:-  Fear from germs, dirt and contamination is also reported in some cases. The person tries to clean himself again and again by bathing or changing clothes many times in a day. 




Therapy:-  Therapies like behavioral therapy, support group therapy, etc are recommended by the doctors. These therapies doesn't cure the disorder but helps in the prevention of symptoms.

Medication:-  There is not any particular medicine for this. But some SSRIs, Anxiolytic and antidepressants are often described by doctors to control the symptoms.


By:- Shubhranjali Dwivedi

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