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Is E-learning our immediate future? And how beneficial is it for our students?

#INTRODUCTION- A system of teaching or training of people through electronic medium especially through the internet is what we call as #E-learning. A computer based educational tour that enables an individual to gain knowledge at any place and at any time. Through e- learning an educator delivers education to the tutee. E-learning is also called # NETWORK ENABLED transfer of knowledge and skill.


#ADVANTAGE- The students like E-learning as a student can attend a course at any time, from anywhere this means that parents can attend to their children. They have a pleasure to attend classes anywhere in the world that has internet access. Every student have their own way of learning the works. The course material provided for online learning for 24 hours a day , 7 days for a week. A teacher taking online classes will come with practical knowledge. They may be from any location across the globe. The students who are taking online classes can also be learn the use of latest technology. Online classes development allows for a broad spectrum of content. In this each and every student gets a chance to contribute their effort.


#DISADVANTAGE- There are a number of advantages of e-learning as we discussed earlier in this article, but at the same time e- learning posses a number of disadvantages. So, let's put light on those points which show the downsides of E- learning of which the most important #students feedback. In online classes the feedback is limited. Personalised feedback always has a positive effect on students, as it makes learning richer, easier and more significant which is possible only in traditional classes and not in online classes. Apart from this e - learning has enormous drawbacks like social isolation, lack of communication skills, complicated cheating prevention assessment, inaccessible to computer illiterates etc. All the above mentioned pit falls must addressed to ensure the longevity and legitimacy of the online learning industry.


#CONCLUSION- Over a number of years E- learning has revolutionized learning and increased efficiency. It is on rise because of its advantages over traditional learning and has witnessed a number of innovations. This is the reason why more and more students are having access to E- learning and this access is expected to increase in the coming years.

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