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Propagating ideas of unnoticed facts and relatable approach towards education and unspoken truth of society.

Education is very important in life, education is a means by which a person can easily cross a new dimension, a new stage. If we look at the level of education in the world, every country wants to incorporate so much knowledge in the education system of its country, so that its youth can learn well and pave the way for the progress of their country.


But if we talk about the Indian education system, it is well known to all of us that, from independence to present times, how much improvement has been made in the education system.


 It has become very common for students to see insecurity towards their education, towards their future.As citizens of this developing country, every person of this country wants to be no more behind than the youth of other country. He works hard for this but still lags somewhere behind. The reason behind this is that lack of awareness about the highest education among the school students, not being able to choose the faculty according to their wish.


Today, schools in India do not guide students on what to do next after school education. Due to which the students make mistake in choosing their career and hear the wrong faculty by getting under the influence of friends or under family pressure, which does not lead them to progress.


Education in schools should include such a system that by the time students reach class X, they are mentally capable enough to choose their career and future by themselves and very much about the future field of work. Children should be made aware in a beautiful way so that they can set their goals and move forward on achieving the goal