The significance of mental health treatments in all societies across the world

I chose this topic in light of the current mental health deterioration that has infected the societies across the world at large


I will be employing this space for a slightly sensitive topic today. mental health has been in a constant loop of discussion ever since the lockdown stirred up horrific cases of people losing their battle to deteriorating mental well-being. Amidst the frenzy around this topic, what we as a society often turn deaf to are the internal cries of help that are reflected on a suffering person’s face. There are people in the country who require immediate treatment for their mental health and yet stay oblivious to the process. The treatment psychotherapy is a branch of support to such people.

Psychotherapy, a rather common treatment for anxiety and depression is prevailing in the world of therapies since long now. However, many people still remain ignorant of it. The most pivotal point of focus that this treatment inherits is based on candid interaction between the client and the psychologist. Depicted as a cliché in media, psychotherapy invites clients to find comfort in the psychologist’s vicinity and rant on about their troubles. Solutions is most cases are not presented directly by the listener. However, through the process, if at any point the client seems to be straying towards negative thoughts and anxiety, the psychologist guides them up the correct path. The power of being heard is one of the major ingredients to a healthier mental health.

Apart from the one discussed, the subject of psychology ventures forth into the world of treatments for varying disorders of the mind. The acceptance of mental health as a pivotal element in the overall well being of an individual has been debated in the past. But with an increase in the number of suicides and attempts to suicides, the consistent need to study the mind and treatments for the same has been seen as a potential necessity today. In light of this situation, the field of psychology demands intensive research in terms of treating disorders like schizophrenia, crippling depression and abuse- triggered neuroticism. Crime rates have spiralled in the recent years. The reasons for this have been constantly debated, but, in my opinion, are a major consequence of mental health negligence. Criminal minds have the tendency to overlook the boundaries separating right from wrong. Treatments, learning- relearning and socialization along the norms of society, are various methods that can be employed to curb the crime-potentiality of people.

It is for these buried factors that treatments for mental health disorders are as crucial as for any other physical disability. It is far beyond the era of realization, that we need to inculcate in ourselves, to save this world of such dismissed disorders.