“Fear of Getting married” What is very disturbing about marriage?

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Can a person get disturbed by marriage? Can someone have fear or a phobia of getting married? Well, some people get anxious and depressed not everyone is able to accept the fact about marriage. Here is an article that tells how a person like me feels about marriage and why is it disturbing.


Does anyone know how it feels to a girl, who doesn’t find love, had failed relationships in the past? In short, she has no more faith that she can love someone and doesn’t want to compromise with her feelings anymore, then how can she find love in an unknown person? When you find you are way more different than your family, your thoughts, perspectives are way more different and in no point, you want to get back to that life. But you have no other choice than to get married to someone because this is what you are destined to do in your life according to your parents.

              fear of marriage

Yes, I am anxious to get married because like after 18 years, I finally found myself and with every passing day I am growing in the sense I am developing and people will say that after marriage you can grow as well but I want to ask all the ladies that how much they have grown individually. And for girls isn't it unfair that you are born to a family, your parents took every painstaking effort to make you capable but after a certain age they are bound to lay their daughter in someone's hand and the place where you grew up is no more your place and I don't find anyone who is happy after marriage, at least not in my family may be the marriage is not wrong but the concept is wrong. Marriage to which I believe must only be a bond between two people, not the whole family thing no one can take responsibility for the whole family and people should get married once they find their soulmate not whoever they find is available and suited to them. People must accept the girl the way she is, she doesn’t have to change herself. I came in this world to truly find myself and do justice to myself everyone has got the chance so we should be given that liberty to be us. Adjustment, compromise is not marriage, the relationship where there is no point of such things but only understanding appreciation trust and belief is. Just imagine what is a person with no dreams no goals, no place to opinionate, no appreciation what is this life to them. Are they able to breathe properly? I don’t know how many times a woman had killed their dreams, their wish upon the family’s happiness, or their partner’s happiness. Ask your mother and you will get to learn that behind that smile how many times they have killed themselves. I must also add that there is no age of getting married. Since marriage is only a soulful bonding between two people so it can be done at any age once you are ready to put yourself onto someone. 

I get traumatized because I don't see these terms on my marriage yes I get to choose my groom but I am very bad in a relationship or maybe I didn't get the one and have so much to do but I've got the time limit too, I want my life to be mine but I see no life with marriage.


So, marriage doesn’t work in this way but a perfect marriage has to exist. It doesn’t need all sacrifices but love, trust, an appreciation, and space to live their life that’s all.

Samanaya Das 2 yrs

I can relate to this so much. Great work indeed?