How to get an organic Instagram Growth: Top 10 strategies to grow your brand

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Are you one of them who wants to grow on Instagram but don't know how? Don't know how to put strategies to grow more? Or, you want to grow your brand but have no idea? Here are some tips and strategies to grow on Instagram.

Today, Instagram has more than 500 million daily active users worldwide. Everyone is coming forward and making their online presence. With the rise of Instagram marketing along with Influencer Marketing brands are creating a huge impact on the industrial ground. Therefore, it’s so needed to grow your Instagram and create your brand.


What is Instagram Growth?

Organic Instagram Growth is something that you don’t need to pay to get to your audience or engage your customers. The audience knows you by your content, engagement, the value you provide, by interaction, and these many things not only build a strong brand but also a trustworthy relationship with your audience, which also helps you to deliver your pitch and to get maximum conversion because you gain some genuine audience. 

So, Instagram helps in many ways for your business, and also there are no such techniques to work on, you only need to follow consistency games. So here we go,


Top 10 Strategies to Grow your Brand


Post Consistently: First and foremost step to reach the audience would be to post consistently. Post at least once a day and 6 days a week.

User-generated Content: Now, when you post consistently, make sure you post user-generated content that is the contents which your audience wants to see. Know your audience and create content according to their needs. 


Maintain a Theme: Remember a shopkeeper or a store does many activities to attract customers, our Insta feed works in the same way. A good theme and maintained grid would attract your audience and you will gain many quality followers.

Post videos: Videos play a major role in Instagram growth. More than 100 million people watch videos on Instagram daily, both short and long videos. The IGTV helps you to provide a tutorial or long entertaining videos while reels help to put out messages. Make a short and informative video that gets viral.

Stories and Lives: Stories and Lives enable your audience to know the actual person behind the page. It helps in easily interacting and your audience will gain trust in you.

Use relevant Hashtags: Use relevant hashtags with every post. Your hashtags help you to reach a wide audience, therefore, research is highly required to get the maximum audience out of those hashtags. 

Engagement: Engagement is the core process behind Instagram growth. Only consistent posts with no engagement won’t help you to grow. People love you only when you interact, solve their problems in DMS and comment section, and engage with your competitor too through valuable comments.

Post Timing: There is no general timing for posting your post timing might not work for others. Analyze your prime time through insight, the time when your maximum followers are online is the best time to post so that you get maximum engagement, and the thereafter Instagram algorithm starts working.

Collaborative post: Collaborate with your competitors, make a guest post. It helps to generate more audience.

Follow Analytics: Analytics can actually help you a lot and it’s an important factor in growth You can manage your page and analyze how your strategies are working and can work accordingly. You can use various analytical tools or just Instagram Insight.


Lastly, don’t run after followers try to give more and more value to your audience. Focus on quality than quantity and stay highly active.