2020 New Nike Zoom KD13 EP White Gold is Available Now

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2020 New Nike Zoom KD13 EP White Gold is Available Now

Jordans 2019 Shoes,Nike Durant KD13 white gold Nike Zoom KD13 EP Durant 13th generation men's combat basketball shoes, this model uses a full-length Zoom air cushion to remove the midsole cloth to make this shoe's power feedback more direct and powerful. The upper uses multiple layers. The lightweight mesh material makes the body of the shoe lighter and more compact.It has a further improvement in energy feedback and cushioning compared with the previous generation ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT%. In addition, Nike also Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% and Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% FlyEase are provided as daily training aid shoes to enrich the NEXT% series.

Jordan Sale USA AJ4 White Khaki Air Jordan 4 Retro Linen AJ4 Platinum Original Cardboard Last Original Custom Leather Perfect Shoe Shape, Pure Original Market Highest Craftsmanship, No Color Difference Correction Original Box Original Exclusive Matching Original Shoes Dismantling and Development, Original Last Original Cardboard Develop the most pure four-generation version of the market in the original real air cushion with sufficient rebound feedback and perfect shoe last creation.Today Nike officially released the "Broken The new design of the "record" shoe Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% has a full-length carbon fiber board ZoomX cushioning material and two Zoom Air air cushion units.

2020 Air Jordans resembles broken 2 marathon boots. Nike zoom winflo 37X uses flying woven translucent upper material. The correct midsole is embedded in composite fiberboard. The forefoot separate brushed fiber Zoom air cushion design effect. The athlete pushes the limit. The new 2020 Nike Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% breaks the second-generation marathon air cushion and lightweight ultra-running racing sports jogging shoes. When Rudd Kipchoge broke the 2-hour marathon record in Vienna last October, he accompanied him to complete the course. It is the original design of Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT%. Although NEXT% was subsequently protested by some runners, it also proved to some extent that the Nike NEXT% series has a milestone in breaking through human performance.