Madden 21 Ultimate Legends 15 brought a new batch of players

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The arrival of Madden 21 Ultimate Legends Release 15 has injected new vitality into the Ultimate Team mode.

The arrival of Madden 21 Ultimate Legends Release 15 has injected new vitality into the Ultimate Team mode. The influx of a large number of new players also attracted the attention of players and provided them with more options to reinforce their teams. There are already many smart players who have used Madden 21 Coins to buy some of them with high value for money. Tony Romo, the talented quarterback who played for the Dallas Cowboys, was the most worthwhile limited-edition card at this event.

Sean Taylor and Tony Gonzalez are both popular stars in this event. Especially the fans of these two players should be even more excited. They finally put their idols into the lineup and experience their great strength. On the evening of May 21st, EASPORTS showed the upcoming Madden 21 Ultimate Legends 15 Group. On the next day, these items were already available in MUT mode. The latest Ultimate Legends version has 10 All-Pro Hall of Fame members in Tony Gonzalez, and he will now have a new 99 OVR item to claim.

Gonzalez is an unprecedented catch leader in the NFL, with 99 catches, 99 catches, 98 awareness and 98 jumps. There is also a 99 sprint route, but his 92 speed rating may make fans look for other TE players on their roster. Joining HOFer is Sean Taylor, who has won two professional bowling awards and is a full-time defensive star of the Washington Football Team. In Madden, his various ability data are very outstanding and the actual performance is also very good. This is one of the excellent candidates, especially for Washington theme-teasers.

Last but not least is the four-time professional bowler and current CBS NFL analyst Tony Romo. The former Cowboys quarterback is the LTD version and improvisation prototype this weekend. His new high-power card has 99 depth accuracy, 98 short accuracy, 97 pressure throwing and 97 power throwing attributes. If poor players want to get them, it is best to go to GameMS to buy some Cheap MUT Coins and then go to the auction house to buy them, which is the smartest way to save money.