How To Wear a Pilot Leather Jacket

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The pilot leather jacket is in itself a diversified garment. Simply pair up your leather jackets with your regular outfits and enjoy the vastness of these jackets.

Outwear mostly refers to jackets. There is a broad and vast realm of jackets. Even the vastness is beyond imagination if we narrow down the realm to only leather jackets. An excellent element of this vast realm is a pilot leather jacket. Leather jackets serve themselves as a complete lifestyle or a fashion statement. Wearing leather jackets boosts your style and defines your personality. They familiarize the world with your aesthetic fashion sense.

In order to create a style impression, you have to pay heed to your outwear. The first thing that the people are going to observe while encountering you is your jacket. Outwear is a center of attention to anyone you are shaking hands with or for someone you are passing by in a street. The first thing that you are displaying to the world, that introduces you, is your jacket. You must always go for an outwear that adds charm to your personality. Pick a jacket that will multiply your confidence level, provides you with comfort, and cast a positive impact on your inner self. Here is all you need to know about styling these pilot leather jackets, what you need, and how to wear them.

What you need

  • Sweaters
  • T-shirts (white t-shirt, dark blue or black t-shirt)
  • Collared shirts
  • Dark-colored dress shoes, boots, or sneakers
  • Dark-colored chinos or a pair of jeans
  • Stylish belt
  • Your aviator leather jackets

1.      Try Different Colors

Look around and see, you will find so much black and brown associated with the men’s fashion. A quick way to sand out from the crowd is to try different colors. For the upcoming spring season, you can go for white, navy, or even burgundy colors. In order to pair these colorful jackets, use neutral palette bottoms. Always let your pilot leather jackets steal the show. 

2.      Mix up the Colors

Like other men, you might also be skeptical and non-experimental and not sure if you would look in different colors. If you still want to stick to the classic colors, then mix them up with different bottoms. Break up your color scheme with these shaded bottoms. Men are numerous times seen in completely black outfits. They love to wear black, black aviator leather jackets over black shirts with black bottoms. But it’s time to change this orthodox look. Try something new, try wearing black pilot leather jackets with light shade pants. How about charcoal jeans with black jackets? You are definitely going to love it. Don’t always end up wearing black and just black, there are more colors of life. It is just not flattering all the time to wear a single color.

Not only bottoms, but you can also color yourself with different colored shirts and sweaters. Despite just wearing black shirts with black jackets, make a shift towards light-colored sweaters. You can layer this soft-colored sweater with a colorful dress shirt. To maintain a casual look, let the tail of the shirt hang out. However, it has always been hard to beat the fashion of blue jeans with a black pilot leather jacket. This timeless fashion never gets old.

3.      Pairing with a Dress Shirt

A good-looking pilot leather jacket can be an excellent replacement for a sports coat. For a rugged yet dressy appearance at a family gathering, you can pair the aviator leather jacket with a dress shirt. Complete your look by wearing a skinny necktie and casual boots. The versatility is all you would love, being dressy and casual, both at the same time. Ideal for both casual use and formal events.

4.      Sway in white

Wearing tees can reveal the James Dean hidden inside you. The changing seasons are very challenging. The cool mornings followed by hot afternoons and then back to chilly nights. This fluctuating weather requires a special outfit. In such weather throw a pilot leather jacket over a soft T-shirt. You will then feel more than comfortable yet attractive enough to turn the heads. There are plenty of options to create a look of your choice with this pairing. You can either pair it up with blue jeans or dress pants. Both look aesthetically appealing. Add a mix of jogger and skater shoes for a pricklier look.

5.      Buy quality

You have to be very keen while buying a pilot leather jacket. The jacket comes in a variety of price ranges. Such diversified price ranges are due to the leather quality and fine details. The leather can be from the cheapest fake faux leather to the most expensive genuine good quality goat or lamb skin leather. Synthetic faux leather has a very short life span. It deteriorates quickly and you have to buy a new one soon. On the other hand, the pilot leather jacket, made up of an original clear goatskin, lambskin, or cowskin, lasts forever. They are more like a one-time investment. You might have to pay a good amount at the start. But you will end up buying an outwear that will be a part of your wardrobe forever. They are never out of fashion. You can modify them according to your desires and sway.

6.      Maintain a Professional Look

No doubt, wearing a pilot leather jacket with blue jeans is the best way to casually carry this jacket. But what to do when you wish to maintain a professional look? Yes! It is possible to look professional wearing these leather jackets. For this purpose, you do not need to do much. Simply look for chinos in your wardrobe and pair them with this jacket. It is better to wear darker shade chinos. As the lighter color can clash with the dark-colored aviator leather jacket. A collared shirt also looks amazing with these leather jackets. You are now dressed up in a business casual that can be a rockstar during the day as well as at night.