Water Circulation Market Trends Analysis, Demand and Forecasts 2030

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The Global Water Circulation Market valued at US $15.96 Billion in 2022 is anticipated to reach a value of US $34.46 Billion in 2030, growing at a CAGR of 10.1%.

The Global Water Circulation Market valued at US $15.96 Billion in 2022 is anticipated to reach a value of US $34.46 Billion in 2030, growing at a CAGR of 10.1%.

Water circulation management is becoming more and more necessary as a result of the world's expanding population and industrialization. The management of water circulation improves water use and makes sure that water is treated after use before being disposed of in water sources. These will only slightly address the water shortage issues in the upcoming years, which will propel the market's expansion.

During the projected period, it is anticipated that expanding urbanisation, industrialisation, and dwindling freshwater supplies will increase demand for clean water and boost product demand. The market is anticipated to be driven by increasing global demand for water and wastewater treatment, more government regulations, and growing environmental concerns. Similar to this, growing expenditures in facilities for wastewater treatment are anticipated to fuel market growth.

The global Swimming Pool Water Circulation System market's stakeholders, players, and other market participants will benefit from a strong position as a result of this document's support for their marketing plans. The report includes numerous graphs and flowcharts that clearly illustrate the attraction of each section both internationally and in various geographic locations. The report also discusses the sector's level of competition based on five fundamental forces: the bargaining power of consumers, the threat of replacement goods or services, the threat of new competitors, the negotiating power of suppliers, and ongoing industry rivalry.


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The market for wastewater treatment and sanitation was negatively impacted by the COVID-19. During the pandemic, supply chain problems caused a shortage of the supplies needed for the treatment procedures, including equipment and consumables. Due to the shutdown, industrial and commercial waste also dramatically decreased, improving water quality and reducing the amount of treatment required in water sources.

In many regions of the world, enormous amounts of wastewater were released into the environment untreated or with little treatment, producing environmental degradation and serious health risks for people. Diseases are spread through partially treated wastewater and untreated sewage. In this instance, it could be a way for the COVID-19 to spread more quickly, for instance in areas with poor sanitation or with products that are exposed to black water and open sewers.

Segmental Analysis of Global Water Circulation Market:

Based on Offering:

  • Water Meters
    • Solutions
    • Services

The Solutions segment to have a higher growth during the forecast period. With technology becoming more advanced with time, water utilities are adopting smart solutions to integrate various business processes, accelerating them toward growth. Integrating various advanced technologies with the existing operations helps them increase the operational efficiency of the entire water network even with low infrastructure investment.

Based on Water Meters:

  • AMR Meters
    • AMI Meters

Based on Solutions

  • Enterprise Asset Management
    o Asset Condition Monitoring
    o Predictive Maintenance
    • Analytics and data management
    o Meter data management
    o Supervisory control and data acquisition
    • Security
    • Smart irrigation management
    • Advanced pressure management
    • Mobile workforce management
    • Network management
    • Customer information system and billing
    • Leak detection
    • Other Solutions

Based on Service
• Professional Services
o Consulting services
o System integration and deployment services
o Support and maintenance services
• Managed Services

Based on End User
• Commercial and industrial
• Residential

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