Monuments in India-2

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Here another article about the other monuments of India.

Monuments in India

"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what woven into the lives of other.."   - Pericles


Monuments are like the connections, that connects the modern generation with our ancient culture and values. These are like the pride for a country, as their architecture and beauty is known in all over the world and whenever there incredibility is described, it always include the name of that particular country. India is from one of those countries which has enormous number of monuments.

In my previous article, I have written about five of them, now in this article I am writing about other five. So here are the another five:-


1. Lotus Temple

2. Victoria Memorial

3. Gateway of India

4. Mysore Palace 

5. Char Minar


Lotus temple


Lotus Temple is another beautiful example of India's unity in diversity. It is one of those religious place that is open for every religion. It is located in Bahapur village of Delhi. As per the CNN, it was the most visited monument in the year 2001. As its name suggest, it is designed in shape like a flower of lotus, inspired by the fact that lotus is the holy flower for both Hindu and Buddhist religion. Visit it once, you will fall in love with this place.


Victoria Memorial


Another amazing monument, museum and tourist spot. It was built in honor of Queen Victoria while her visit to India. It was built under the guidance of George Curzon, viceroy of India at that time. It is widely known for its incredible collection of paintings, weapons, textiles, stamp, coins, etc. It is situated in Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal. The other thing that you found here, is the photo gallery of the royal family of Queen Victoria and also her writing table and study desk, kept in the museum there.


Gateway of India


Gateway of India is situated in Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra. It was built in the honor Of prince George and Queen Mary, during their first visit to India. However it was not complete at that time. Its final design was made by George Wittet. It is made up of beautiful yellow basalt and reinforced concrete. Center of tourist attraction in Mumbai, surrounded with the amazing sea. 


Mysore Palace


Mysore Palace, also known as Amba Vilas Palace, is located in the southern Karnataka, a state in India. It was built various times by various peoples, but every time it is destructed by some reasons. But finally it was completed in 1912 and not destructed yet. Popularly known for its beautiful structure and collection of ancient dolls that are kept here from decades. 


Char Minar


Char Minar is located in Hyderabad, Telangana. As per the sources, it was the first monument to be built in Hyderabad. It was constructed by Mohammad Quli Qutb. It is made of granite, limestone and mortar, situated on the bank of river Musi. Another beautiful example of incredible India and its architecture.


By:- Shubhranjali Dwivedi

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