Growing Use of Social Media

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Exploring the reasons behind the gaining popularity of social media

"If you're always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be", quoted by Maya Angelou, clearly fits the mindset of the current era. Every person is unique in their own way, we came across this saying many times through movies, novels even our elders had taught us the same. Today social media has given us that platform, where we can showcase our talent to the world as well as amaze ourselves. People can now freely put forward their opinion and share their views without any sense of awkwardness and hesitation. Social media has given wings to the creativity of people from trending "Rasode me kaun tha" rap to the different versions of "Bella ciao", the mother-daughter dance videos to singing sister duo, people are exhibiting their skills in the most stupendous ways. Social media has given a chance to the people to come out of their cocoon and do wonders. Besides, social media has also brought the world together. Like-minded people can connect with each other. A sense of camaraderie has grown among people. They feel more loved and recognized. That's why the popularity of social media is growing leaps and bounds.

Social media is slowly overtaking the print and news media. People are thinking logically and rationally now instead of blindly believing in propagandas spreading by the news media. Previously it was news channels that were keeping us up to date about the events going around the world but today they are acting as the puppet of people in power and the real news is circulating in the social media platforms. People are standing together for the right cause. The hashtag movement has taken media by the storm. Even celebrities are using social media handles to remain in news. Now a normal person can raise questions on the act of celebrities and politicians and they are answerable to him, all this has been possible because of the growing power of social media. 

Many people explore business opportunities through social media. Job platforms are gaining popularity as evident from the Linkedin network. Even a homemaker, student, retired person can explore working opportunities or start their own business. All the above examples presented above to support the growing use of social media are constructive cases. Like every coin has two sides, the growing use of social media is for the wrong reasons also. Some people are misusing it to spread communal hatred. Anti-social elements are using it support their illegal activities. A recent example is of the couple photo challenge, where some people have morphed the uploaded photographs of people and blackmailed them to extort money. 

To sum up, social media has tremendous potential to nurture the inner talent of people, spreading awareness against wrong practices, reaching out to people in need, and raising a common voice against injustice if people choose to use it in the right direction. In the coming years, the popularity of social media will lift many roadblocks and people tends to explore it more.