Education today

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- A short note on the evolution of education with current changes in lifestyle

         The system of education as we knew has changed. Although change is the only constant that is ever pervasive, we must understand that the entire structure of teaching and learning is taking a massive technological leap voluntarily and involuntary due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. Concerning India, a country that is solely renowned for its traditional style of didactic teaching methods, this change was not something we were prepared for. 

          For centuries we have followed the traditional style of face to face disciplined learning but now all that has to be traded with modern machinery. Parents who strictly saw mobile phones and other technologies as a distraction is now after their children to use them for online classes.The entire model of schools teaching young boys and girls now have to be ever dependent on technology like they never thought they would in their lifetime. Technology has now taken over the education system by sheer vigor and force.

           This unique, unforeseen situation has brought about its perks and cons. To begin with, now institutes, schools, and colleges (Not speaking for all) have come to terms with the status quo and are adapting to the modern methods of teaching which most of them were very reluctant to adopt. The fact is that using modern technologies like online modules of classes, e-resources, e-library, online tests, etc, education can reach its zenith of success by reaching out to so many people. There can be a blend of both classroom teaching and online recourses available to students. Even considering how much paper we will save if exams are taken in an online form. The world is shifting to a paperless economy and ultimately people will only avoid using paper only if such disciplines are implemented in grass root levels

           But with all these developments, there is a downside, i.e in a developing country like India which has a whopping 50-60% of the population struggling to make ends meet, the cost of educational technology is next to impossible to bear for them. To give you a slight idea, I came across a news article a few weeks ago stating that a farmer had to sell his cow(His only source of income)to buy his daughter a smartphone so she could attend her online classes. This clearly shows the stark distinction between the different socio-economic classes of people in our country with a population of 1.2 billion.

            India currently is home to the world’s most valued Ed-Tech startup ‘ BYJU’S: Learning app’ with its current market valuation hovering around $10.5 Billion. These are positive signs of our country moving towards a tech-based education system which eventually the world is shifting to.
            Yes, challenges are there. The path ahead is not easy. To ensure basic education of all children in India is still a goal which is to be attainted. However, we must keep on pushing the boundaries of the education system to make it cheap and available to all. “ Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”- Anonymous