3 Secrets behind every productive relationship

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Every relationship has its even odds, but that doesn't mean you have to accept it as it is! You can change it through some basic scientific and facts about human relationships and energies...

Aright! Since your eyes caught my title and before your mind started to creating a love guru image of mine, here I want to share something very important for both of us-

I’m Abhijeet, an engineer turned into a storyteller – and I am not a relationship expert! Now the first question hitting your mind right now will be – “Then why should we listen to you jerk?” Yes! I have your answer -

Relationships are not about some loving experience that you learned from one person or one book, it’s a complete scientific pattern! Being a storyteller and an avid reader, Here I’m sharing some of the core secrets and healthy tips that can change your relationships forever... POPUP! ( I tried this advice over my personal life too, and currently, I’m having a very productive lifestyle, and my relationships are too going blessed!)


#1 Differences between Listening and Hearing -

Confuse? Both are the same? Ahh... No Dear! According to the Merriam Webstor, the top class dictionary services defined that - “ the specifical power of perceiving the sound, which gets received as stimuli” is what we call – Hearing.

And “paying attention towards any sound” is defined as Listening.

Now let’s jump on the point that how is it useful for couples- Most of the couples have a similar contrast of problems taken place just because of Not Listening... Properly! Now if you are not listening properly then I’m not asking you the reason, here I’m telling you why it’s important to listen to your partner is because – By listening to your loved ones, you are creating well-confined frequencies between you two. And learning about your bond!


#2 Your Lifestyle starts with you!

After falling for a relationship, most couples just forget about their likes, dislikes and probably taking an over the care of their partner... which costs them nothing but contrast and toxicity,

Love is the name of freedom, let them free – See how they want to want to achieve the things of their life .. don’t pressurize or demotivate but rather than that support them in their even and odds.

Believe me! whatever circumstances a relationship faces is their opportunity to learn something new and for being grateful that a person has someone in this whole universe for listening to him/her at any time or in any mood without passing judgment.


#Selflove is the soul of any relationship-

One can’t be reflex with better till the time he would not filled properly.. sound bit cheesy or cliche as per present scenario? It’s okay! Accept it, If you will not fill yourself with complete potential till then you will not help others to grow. Find your purpose first! Taking consistent efforts in that direction then you understand what is it taken to dream and perform for it,

If you can not help your present self to perform better in daily life tasks, then you should not expect this to your partner too... Everyone has their part of the hustle, first believe in them and start with your own self.