How Politics will empowered your Professional Life -

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You are not alone who gets stuck at every personal or professional life, here in this article I will tell you how to overcome it...

Before getting on a strong belief over any subject line, let’s first just discuss what is Politics?

 “Man is a political animal. A man who lives alone is either a Beast or a God”

 ― Aristotle, Politics

As Aristotle said above, whether you live in the city of a hangover- Las Vegas or a monastery of Tamilnadu, you are still surrounded via politics around you. We all have our theory about Politics whether we personally aware of it or not but the way we work in a system or the process we accept as our daily routine of thinking is our politics.

Word Politics is not just standing with BJP or Congress party, it’s more beyond any typical mind can go through. It’s also getting effected by our religion, genes, or from our native land as well but the more you dig into different sections of Politics you will find Wisdom as a core stone behind it.

Why do you need to practice politics?

As I mentioned above, we all are human thus we can’t run from society and their rituals therefore we have to live this virtual world to fulfilled our realities! it’s tough... No! I’m not demotivating you, just telling you the practical facts that if you will not learn and practice the wisdom behind the politics, you will not ever survive as you dreamt about it...

One of the strongest pillar of StoicismMarcus Aurelius, also the most powerful of his era, explained the daily life politics in a very simple and delicate form here,

“Nothing has such power to broaden the mind as the ability to investigate systemically and truly all that comes under thy observation in life.”

You have to investigate your life, your ritual, your relationships, your opinions and remember the most important one is-  Your reading material...

But now the question is how to hit it? The answer is in one line, ready?

“Accepting yourself first!” You can call this phrase, three magical words in the journey of learning politics of life. Now you will ask me, is it easy? And what about after accepting yourself? then I will reply- "No! it isn't..."

So.. the second step of this journey is to investigate the leaders! Every political situation has their demanding leaders...everything which is happening in your professional or personal life can be new for you but it already happened with a bunch of times in other's life or may in other dimensions or timeline. Now! Read about it, investigate it... by reading about leaders, I was not meant to go a pick a book of Donald Trump, neither I’m stopping you for it but first analyze your current situations, then pick a perfect subject for it... afterward jump to google and find who was/is the leader in this particular industry. And then read it, investigate it, or grab the learning from there and Apply!


Right now... you got enough information for learning about politics and it’s the effect on professional life but here I’m sharing you my Secret tool (12 question series from one of my mentor and an international bestseller writer- Ryan Holiday)