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This article is all about the understanding of the relationships.



 Relationship! What actually a relationship is? Is "Complicated" a word whih you automatically get? Read it till the end to break the ice.

The word RELATIONSHIP word has two meanings again. One is the bond which couples share and the other one is the type of connection that we share with people generally. Now the next question that comes to mind is Are they different from each other? Point to be thought right! And in the real sense Relationship is a relationship, either it is with your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, or mother, father, sister, brother, friend, or with just the random people like colleagues, work partners etc. The bond that we share with each person is the relationship we have between each other. 

 Relationships are complicated to sound and seem to be complex but they aren't really. You just need to have the required rapport with the person. And you're all set. The essential entity needed is to know what the person wants from you. What is he/she expecting from you. And here lies the problem! We don't understand what the person wants or expects from us. That understanding is everything that a successful relationship actually needs. 

 Now "Understanding" is again a process in itself. Again sounds complicated right! But it is a very simple aspect if you want to realize. It just needs a thought over things before concluding and reacting on the basis of your wrong conclusion. The most common mistake that we all do is we focus on our thoughts and conclude everything. But when you want to understand a thing or a person we just need to make a simple change in our process of concluding things. Instead of keeping our thoughts and expectations in the view we need to keep in view the the thoughts and expectations of the person we're sharing the relationship with. It is as simple as that. For example, let's say you're in an interview. The interviewer asks you some questions. How do you answer? On the basis of what you want or on the basis of what he's expecting? Ever thought about it? Its just that we dont take relations in that view but the base of every relation is the same. And all other aspects like love, cae, trust depends on it. Once we are clear about what we want or expect from each other, half of the problem is solved. Then we can analyze if we are ready for that or not and rest of the things which is a whole big topic again. But every relationship is the same. If two people can share a connection which fulfills their wants and expectations it works. Be it a Boss-employee relationship or a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship, the basic requirement is the same. As simple as that.  

 So, did you "Understand" what this is all about. Lol. Come on. Life is so simple. So the relationship is. We just need to take a little time out and give a thought over it. And everything will automativally come into sense. All the complications of life will be solved.