Importance of Sports today.

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This blog is about the current scenario of role of sports and games in our life.


Sports contribute a lot into a personality of a person. It is an activity of great importance. But sadly the generation and youth today is directly or indirectly kept away from the actual sports and games. Video games and online fun activities is what they prefer. Also the development of their passive behaviour is somewhere the result of avoiding the physical activities like sports and games. And let us accept it that they aren’t responsible for this alone. The parents, teachers, peers, family, society, and the environment they’re exposed to etc., everything plays an important role.  

Let us see few points regarding the sports in the view of today’s scenario and analyse ourselves. 

Sports for Mental Health: 

Today Sports for most of the people means watching the matches on screens. And playing games means video games or online games like PubG or something similar to that. Agree? Sports is losing it’s essence in today’s generation because of various reasons like the busy schedule they’ve put into, the pressure of work targets, society pressure, the struggle for scoring cent per cent grades etc. Yes, all these things are necessary to achieve to an extent but that doesn’t mean we should end up having no recreation. 

 “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” – we’ve all read this, didn’t we? We also read that games and sports are necessary for every person to stay healthy. Now “Healthy” here doesn’t refer only to the physical health. Mental health is important as well. 

Sports and games impart a lot towards our mental health. It keeps the mind active and helps the brain function properly. It keeps us away from laziness and lethargic behaviour that develops now and then restricting the potential inside us. It prevents us from mental illnesses like depression, anxiety etc. Sports is a kind of therapy in itself which helps us maintain the positive attitude. It converts the stress and negativity into positive energy.  

Sports in Personality Development: 

Building a dashing and cool personality is what everyone aims for. Personality is not only about the physical appearance and looks but importantly includes the character, way of thinking and the distinctive nature of the person. There are many activities which can help us develop a great personality and sports is one of them. 

There are many qualities which sports and games inculcate. It gives us many traits which are essential for a person like team building capacity, team management, leadership qualities, the art of constant focus on the goal, humble nature, communication skills, physical fitness and many more. 

Sports for Physical Health: 

Sports play a very important role in acquiring physical fitness. Today we’re so busy in our hectic lives that we are unable to maintain our body healthily. People of all ages, young and elderly are very much involved in the league of gaining knowledge and work targets that it’s effecting the health adversely.

Games and sports are physical activities which build up energy, improves blood circulation, enhances metabolism, increases the vital power and what not! 

 It’s high time for all of us to take a few minutes, sit back and look where we’re heading towards, in achieving our goals or losing our health. It’s not that we need to leave everything and go behind sports, but we can take a little time out of our schedules and spend it in activities like sports and games which actually helps us to stay fit mentally and physically. Then the process of achieving goals and fulfilling our dreams becomes much easier.