Causes of stress in the modern generation

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This article contains causes for why the modern generation is so riddled with stress and mental problems. It explores the idea of especially the modern generation experiencing stress.


The present day youth are living a world very different from the old India. In this age there when more people are more stressed than relaxed. Due to extreme competitiveness, there is always a lack of time. This then leads to high levels of anxiety, stress and burnouts.

The competition starts at the school level with constant pressure to achieve more marks. It’s obvious to say that they get stressed with all this pressure. The stress builds on until it turns into health hazards, which stay on forever. Then there is stress at the work front, while students may achieve high marks there’s no guarantee they would get the job they desire. There is also the human greed of achieving more, promotions, material growth etc. which stress people more and more. 

With the advent of technology and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, a lot of people get stressed about how they’re living their lives and compare themselves to others. For example, models and actors/actresses who adhere to the societal perception of beauty, make many people wish to be like them, which cause stress and anxiety when they find it hard to do so. 

Due to increased use technology, the face to face conversation or meetings have decreased resulting in loneliness, depression and stress. Also, Insomnia caused by overuse of technological gadgets has decreased the life expectancy of the modern generation. Insomnia also causes stress and fatigue. People’s eyesight has also weakened from a very young age due to exposure of the naked eye to the screen of the gadgets. Over usage of gadgets results into stress as people forget to rip away their faces from the smartphones and enjoy nature and its breathtaking views. 

Fortunately there’s a solution for to avoid stress at all times. Regular exercising or yoga and maintaining good health improves concentration and keeps the mind healthy. It decreases physical ailments, reduces behavioural problems, reduces depression and stress, thus calming one’s mind.

One should also spend some quality time with one’s family, friends and loved ones, do charity/ community service, adopt pets, go for walks or pursue a hobby in order to de-stress.