Pros and cons of traveling

In this part, I have written about tha advantages and disadvantages of traveling

Pros and cons of traveling


Every coin has two sides, one positive and another negative. Similarly, traveling also have some disadvantages along with advantages. However, the list of advantages is quite big than that of disadvantages. That's why disadvantages doesn't get that much attention. But as a traveler, everyone should have to be familiar about both.


So here are some of the advantages of traveling.

Pros or advantages of traveling

There is a huge list about the pros of traveling, like I need a whole day to explain them all. But here are some of my personal favorites:-


1. Meeting new peoples:- Being an extrovert and talkative person, it's my most favorite thing about traveling. Visiting a new place and meeting new peoples is quite interesting and while traveling you totally gonna love it.

2. Learning new language:- Another boon about traveling. When you are exploring a new place, you are also going to learn a new language after your every visit.

3. Knowledge about the place:-Knowledge is something that remains in ourselves even after decades. So by traveling you are going to know very much about that particular place, like its climate, environment, peoples,etc.

4. Unforgettable experiences:- Experiences from a place, after a visit are like return gifts from that place. Some of them are like blessings while others are sometimes worse. But even in worse, they teach a traveler some lesson.

5. Better health:- As per the doctors, a traveler is tends to be much more happier than a normal person. And you know what? Happiness and joy is the key to health.

6. Memorable momenrs We forget about the particular place after a visit, but the memories remains in us forever. These memories are like an untold treasures for a traveler. 

7. Development of confidence and self esteem:- If you are in a solo trip, then you are going to generate a lot of self esteem and confidence in yourself. And if you are on a family trip, then you are going to develop a lot of love and understanding between your family members.

8. Inner peace:- Nowadays, life is moving with a speed of train. Between this, traveling is something that is going to give time for yourself. And that's how you are going to get some inner peace for yourself.


Cons or disadvantages of traveling

I literally didn't want to talk about this( because I don't consider them as con's). But few of them are:- 


1. Traveling makes you addicted:- Okay! So it's my personal experience that once you starts to travel , you are never gonna quit it. Traveling makes you addicted about it.

2. Homesickness:- Home is home. Once you are away from your home, you are totally gonna miss it. And sometimes it even make you sick.

3. Disturbance in day to day life:- Once you came back from a trip, it is really hard to get back to your normal daily routine, as the timing of the daily activities as well as the surrounding changes.

4. Disturbance in budget:-This one is basically for a middle class traveler, after a trip the normal budget system disturbed. So, sometimes it creates lot of issues for the traveler.


{But all of the above mentioned problems has a solution. Hope you get what I mean...}


By:- Shubhranjali Dwivedi

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Keep traveling !!