ATM to PAYTM: E-Payments are changing business dynamic

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Demystifying innovation in payments

Century E-Payments or digital payment play a important role in business. Today we see that every big or small, every business easily adopt E- payments or digital payment. After demonetization we saw tremendous growth in E-payments and digital payment sector. With the government initiatives such as digital India and increase of mobile and internet are reasons behind exponential growth in use of E-payments or digital payment. It reduced the burden of banks and opens the gates for information and technology sector to enter digital payment market for example: paytm, Google pay, phone etc. E-payments or digital payment is paving way for huge business development in our nation. E-Payments or Digital Payment method may influence customers to purchase good and services on the online shopping website, our local market, marts, shopping mall etc. Because the transaction is quick and easy and it can be do e through debit card, credit card, e-wallet and bhim UPI. E-Payments or Digital Payment  reduce risk of money lost, increased sale, control extra expenses and also it's a time saving method. It makes E-Payment or Digital Payment at any time through the internet directly to the any person. Base in most important success of E-Payments or Digital Payment also depend on consumer preference, ease of use, authentication, security, accessibility and reliability.

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