The concealed significance of relationships

In the chaotic world of today, relationships suffer the strain of the tangles, leading to much loosened knots of connection between people.


In today’s riddled world where time has become a permanent labourer of our tasks, relationships seem to be turning loose on their knots. The tapestry of a relationship is knit on the fabric of commitment, time investment and constant care. The frenzied life of today is, however, doom for such relationships.

The truth of the world today is a bitter reality that we are forced to see. People have lost their connection to the true meaning of a relationship that I will be discussing in this article.

  1. Relationship with family- A relationship, contrary to many definitions is more than just between lovers. The art of a relationship lies in the versatility of its nature. Your relationship with your family is an equal contributor in this topic. The world today is evidently under distress considering the political and social unrest in the country. While aggressiveness is by all means a justified feeing, somewhere between our strife to conform to our peers and respect for the generations above, we have lost the meaning of family. Families are built on the relationship of trust, love and care which get lost between the lines nowadays.
  2. Relationships between lovers- As an intense believer of romance and true love, I have found myself surrounded by people who walk the silhouette of a relationship, only to detach the beauty of feelings, leaving behind a carcass of what today is termed as the hook-up culture. While adventure and uncertainty are equally exciting, when we talk about relationships, it is something not very fitting in the definition. A relationship between lovers sets forth an example of erased social, religious and regional boundaries, leaving behind a beautiful story for generations to revel in.
  3. Inter-personal relationships- With the political unrest, and conflicted opinions, people have constantly engaged in the demonic activity of trolling each other. Such negative energy brewing between people challenges the claims of growing respect towards sensitivity nowadays. In the rush of the hour, we gallop ahead but what we fail to remember is that it is not a race, but a journey where support and togetherness are the key elements for growth and prosperity. The importance of such interpersonal relationships is imperative for unity between the people.


The topic of relationships is often seen to be dismissed as an insignificant one, amidst more intellectual topics of discussion. However, in such thoughts-haywire, we overlook the simpler joys of life, that are the pivotal focus elements of our lives. There is no harm in pausing a moment to look around at every individual who has been a part of your life, a slice in the cake of your relationships, and be grateful. Because technicalities could take over, but what separates us from technology is our ability to feel, and that is the beauty of living, the art of life.