3 Signs that show You are dating the right person

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Don't read this article if you follow Karan Johar's movie in your life...

Heya, everyone! So are you ready for 3 signs, that will make you pass judgment for your loving partner? No! You should not.. yes being a writer I’m again repeating my words- “Please don’t read this article if you are already having an awesome relationship because this is not for the guys like you.” So for whom? Your next question would be sound like this tone, ok then!

Here it is,

What is Honesty in any dating?

“How dare you stalk your crush till now.. am I not good at bed? Are you not happy with me?” a sound bit dramatic but this is a reality of a lot of relationships going around us. After spending our honeymoon period in a relationship and getting all likes and dislikes of our partners, We like to control our partner’s choices, opinions, or sometimes thoughts too! Then what.. some of them give it the name of romance and allow this shitty behavior of their partners but after a passage of time when all romance converts itself in toxicity and they realize that why the other person wants to control them and then they denied. The showpiece of expectations fell on the floor and everything gets ruined!


Tadaaa... now BREAKUP will take a hero entry!

Honesty is not something you can buy, borrow, or ask form someone! But you can gift...

this is the only thing in your control. You can gift your trust to your date, you can bring them the gift they will love but you should not be dressed up for his choice every time as per their choices. I know it’s a minor line between these two. But you have to learn the differences of boundaries of self-esteem and care! For having a healthy dating and harmony in the relationship one should change your mind about dating (Here’s the article of Mark Manson, International bestselling author of- The Subtle Art of Not Giving F*ck)

Understand the differences between Listening and Hearing because if you can’t listen to your date then you can’t probably decide what they want or is a bond possible between you or you just getting fascinated by their Instagram profile. Listening is necessary, you guys can read more about this point in this article of mine.


Ever heard this word before in any dating advice sort of article? If not then please change your reading list or priorities. This is one of the great reason why any relationship or dating get successful! If you are grateful for your partner and you also add some values in their life by any means then you should grateful for having such a person in your life! Keep creating values in your life before them.

Self Love or Love

book now! I’m going to slive one of the most prominent queries of today’s generation couple that Yes! There are differences between self-love Love and one should remember that self-love is the most productive and prior form in any dating. If any person can’t fill themselves with love then you my dear is not his/her mom to fill it out! Stay away from that kind of cheek or guy... they can never be productive for your dating and the last thing is your life is not a Karan johar movie’s screenplay so please don’t take it as light as you think... work on it.. practice the things..!