Online Education

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This article is about the pros and cons of online education


Education is a part of our life. We all know how important it is. Our personality and growth completely depends upon our education. It is an essential component which gives the right direction and shape to our thoughts and behaviour. The most common method to gain knowledge and seek education till now was by going to schools, colleges, universities, institutions, tutorials etc. But in the last few years a new method of learning has been introduced with the development of science and technology. Yes, you’ve guessed it right. It’s all about online teaching and online learning. An online platform for education is very trending now.  There are many applications and associations which provide online teaching. For example apps like UnacademyByju’sVedantu etc., have gained a lot of popularity in recent days. This thing has become very common today. Every school and institution is providing online mode education. Can’t deny that this has become so common as result of Covid19 situation around the world. It has an important role in this. However, this has been very helpful. Let us have a look on the pros and cons of online education in terms of long time basis. 


The Online mode of education gives us many benefits that we can ever imagine. It has all the flexibilities and requirements fulfilled. 

Place: This is the biggest asset online platform for education has. Any student from anywhere in the world can attend the class es and seek knowledgeThe hassles of traveling from one place to other can simply be avoided. One can just sit back at home or any place of his convenience and gain knowledge. The same benefit also applies to the faculty.  

Time: Time is precious. It has to spent wisely and made use of. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. The online platform for education also fulfils this parameter by saving lots and lots of time of both teachers and students. We all know how much time we spend in traveling from our homes to the schools or our education institutions right! But through online mode of teaching and learning our time can be saved and we can make use of more time productively. 

Flexibility: This is something what everyone yearns forEvery person wants to work according to his preferences and convenience. And online teaching and learning process provides us this flexibility to do things by our own ways and comfort. It happens many times that we will not be able to focus on something at a particular point of time. One can teach or learn when he wants to or when he is interested in.  


While there are many advantages and benefits of online education, we also have some cons.  

Lack of disciplineIt’s true that flexibility is an asset. But on the long term basis there is a high tendency for the student to lose the value for discipline in life.  

Lacking the skills: On one hand the students learn and excel in gaining knowledge but there are high chances of their failure in the practical world. They get limited to gaining knowledge and will not be able to inculcate the essential qualities like leadership skills, time management, team management etc. 

So, we can say that every coin has two sides. We have to decide which side do we need according to our conditions. It’s just that we need to maintain the balance.